miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

Digital Learning Report Card

Digital Learning Ahora! tiene el objetivo de promover la renovación de políticas gubernamentales para crear ambientes de aprendizaje de alta calidad digital, y así preparar mejor a todos los estudiantes con los conocimientos y habilidades para tener éxito en esta economía del siglo 21. El marco conceptual se basa de la creencia de que el acceso a la alta calidad y las experiencias personalizadas de aprendizaje deben estar disponibles para todos los estudiantes, sin límites geográficas.

Para ver el informe, oprima aquí.

domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013

An Avalanche is Coming: Higher education and the revolution ahead

Higher education requires “deep, radical and urgent transformation”, says a just-published report from the UK’s Institute for Public Policy Research. A new phase of competitive intensity is emerging, technology is changing and the traditional university is under pressure from, among others, private providers and MOOCs.

In the report, An Avalanche is Coming: Higher education and the revolution ahead, authors* Sir Michael Barber, Katelyn Donnelly and Saad Rizvi write that last century’s models of higher education are broken.

“The next 50 years could see a golden age for higher education, but only if all the players in the system, from students to governments, seize the initiative and act ambitiously. If not, an avalanche of change will sweep the system away.”

The report sets out challenges ahead, writes Lawrence Summers, president emeritus of Harvard University, in the foreword. “Just as we’ve seen the forces of technology and globalisation transform sectors such as media and communications or banking and finance over the last two decades, these forces may now transform higher education.