domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

¿Tienes problemas con la ley de derechos de autor?

Lea esto:
"It's no wonder that professors are confused about copyright law. The blame rests in large part on Congress in the conceptual mess it left behind with the 1976 Copyright Act. As then Stanford Press director Leon Seltzer said in his 1977 Harvard book about fair use: “it has failed to articulate a coherent rationale for copyright, it has failed to define fair use, it has introduced confusions between fair use and exempted use, and it has in the end tossed the fair use question, now thoroughly enmeshed in contradictions, back to the courts.” The confusion is represented well in the last paragraph of this article, which talks about fair use as though it were the same as exempted uses.---Sandy Thatcher"

Para más información, oprima aquí.

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