jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

Informe sobre la creación de empleos del Siglo 21

For the United States to return to full employment—finding work for the
currently unemployed and accommodating new entrants into the labor force this decade—the US economy will need to create 21 million jobs by 2020, according to an McKinsey Global Institute analysis.

To understand how this might happen, the McKinsey Global Institute launched a research project
that combines extensive sector analysis, interviews with human resource executives, a proprietary survey of 2,000 business leaders, and
our own scenario analysis and modeling.

The research analyzes the causes of slow job creation in the period before the recession and during the recovery and the implications of these forces for future job growth. The research projects how the US labor force will evolve over the next ten years and creates different scenarios for job growth based on extensive analysis of sector trends. MGI's central finding is that a return to full employment will occur in only the most optimistic job growth scenario. This will require not only a robust economic recovery, but also a concerted effort to address other factors that impede employment, including growing gaps in skill and education.

Para leer el informe, del McKinsey Global Institute, oprima aqui.

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