domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

Nuevo estudio sobre innovación en la educación superior

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Reforming Higher Education, is a just-released Kauffman Foundation report that offers a range of ambitious ideas for reinventing higher education. Along with short essays by individual authors, which I highly recommend, the report outlines a broad set of actions to improve college access, educational quality, and graduates’ success in the work force. These include: - tackling campus-level obstacles to innovation by giving more funding to institutions with better student outcomes; - reforming accreditation to place the fewest possible restrictions on new and existing programs; - improving academic productivity and dramatically driving down tuition by exploring new technology-based pedagogies that have low marginal costs; - filling information gaps by providing prospective students with far more information about the institutions they attend, including how graduates fare in the job market; and - making it easier to start “charter colleges,” akin to K-12 charter schools, that receive significant flexibility in theiroperations in exchange for improved student outcomes.

Para ver el estudio, oprima aquí.

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